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About Protection Dog Training
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We are Dog Trainers, Crystal, Ed and Lesli. We collectively train people and their dogs in obedience, socialization and protection for everyday life.  Our Excelon Practical Protection Dog Training Program is developed to be one of the most complete for real life family protection dogs.  

There are 4 trained levels: foundation, level 1, level 2 and level 3. Others in the industry call it executive protection. We allow you to start your dog’s training as a puppy at the age of 16 weeks. You may train at your own pace to the trained level you desire.

Each level builds upon, for off leash obedience and control. For those of us who expect our dogs to listen no matter what you can expect to train the full program. This is a timeline of 48 consecutive weeks. There are 4 trained skill levels. Each level builds off leash training exercises to the highest level. Each profile has target training exercises. This is true for both Practical Protection and French Ring Sport.

Both training programs are long term training programs. They are for naturally protective dogs that can do off leash obedience. We know dogs protect us out of obedience. They protect themselves out of instinct. This instinct is useless if you can not control it. That is why training is to build a relationship off of structure.  

Excelon Protection Dog Group is open to the public by appointment.  We invite you to come visit with us in Yelm on Saturdays. Our client based private, in home and custom training is not open to the public. As we are professional trainers and cannot have you waste our client’s dime! Take a look at our website for general information, the prices for training, details, the programs and scheduling information are posted.

Training people is the hardest part of training a dog from start to finish.  We specialize in training people.  We get the results  we want through training you hands on with your dog through live instruction.   We enjoy meeting with you on a regular basis.  We offer both build up training for the inexperienced.  To maintenance training for the trained person and dog.  We collectively have been doing so for more than 60 years !

To get started training your dog today contact Crystal or Lesli. You must fill out our trained dog questionnaire and email it back to us. Along with your deposit to reserve your training spot. Please take a look at our policy, club training, group and private training pages for more information.

Lesli Barret, Excelon Practical Protection Club Training Director and private training advisor.
Ed Marshall, Excelon Practical Protection Club Director of Decoys, quarry, training helper & problem solver.
Crystal Le Jeune, Founder of Excelon Practical Protection Dog Training Program, trained dog sales,  and inn kennel training advisor. 
About Protection Dog Training With Ed, Crystal and Lesli
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