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Excelon Obedient Family Dog Training 
General Outlook

Excelon Obedient Family Dog Training is an off-leash dog training program for everyday life with a trained dog. Dog and handler general outlook are confident calm and controlled team who enjoys the social pet lifestyle. The advanced dog will appear alert and attentive to the handler at all times regardless of situation. The dog and handler must abide by state and county laws regarding, property, containment and domestic dog animal laws.

Excelon Pet Type A (entry level home environment)

Excelon Pet Type A refers to one dog one handler lifestyles. Examples include the handler does not expect the dog to be trained outside the home environment, but does expect his dog to obey and follow social rules set by the handler in the home environment. Pet type A does not include public access or interactions with any person outside the home or handler 1. This dog is obedience trained and controlled by single handler.  

Excelon Pet Type B (advanced public access)

Excelon Pet Type B is obedience and social interaction scenarios within the home and outside the home referred to as common public locations. Lifestyle examples: the handler expects dog to be friendly with friends, family and strangers. This may include secondary handler in which the dog is expected to obey. The general outlook of handler and dog must be calm and controlled in all public locations and the home. The handler confidently demonstrates the ability to handle is dog in any situation they may encounter while out socializing.  

Please note: 
This document is an aid to help you understand what your dog is trained to do. It does not cover every aspect of training or everyday life situations. The handler must have the ability to control his/her dog off leash at an advanced level. A means of control is required at all times by the handler/owner of dog regardless of level trained. Your custom training may include other target training exercises that are useful in your everyday life with your trained dog.

Excelon Family Pet Dog Training Program 
& Target Training Exercises



Obedience Profile & Exercises 

1 Heel on leash: the basic position
2 Leash training (line control)
3 Long down (5-15 m duration)
4 Long sit (5-15 m duration)
5 Handler out of sight (3-15 m duration)
6 Leave it (people, food, dogs, objects)
7 Food refusal (hand, thrown and ground)
8 Positions: sit-down-stay
9 Off leash control (basic intro)
10 Distance control (basic intro line okay)Social Training Profile & Exercises Pet Type A  

1 Crate Stay (duration 10 minutes) (car and home use)
2 Bed Stay (duration 10 minutes)
3 Down Stay handler out of sight (3 minutes)
3 Boundaries (well defined)
4 Answer Door Alert
5 Answer Door neutral 
6 Optional

Social Training Profile & Exercises Pet Type B 

1 Accepting Friendly Stranger
2 Sitting for Petting
3 Walk on lead public
3 Walk through crowds
4 Stay in sit or down position  
6 Reaction to dogs
7Reaction to public distractions (common)
8Seperation (handler leaves dog with trusted person)
Veterinarian, boarding kennel, handler # 2
9 Grooming/Clinical exam handling
10 Optional

General outlook
Socialization for family dog public access. 

Excelon Obedient Family Dog Training program (EOB) includes, but is not limited to the target training exercises above. This standard applies to dogs that are intended to live with people under everyday life circumstances. Foundation level is where the inexperienced dog starts. The basic level one trained dog has solid obedience foundation and shows willingness to cooperate with the handler for duration of 30 minutes or less. Basic social skills include rules, boundaries and limits within the home that are set by the handler.

Level 3 is the highest level of trained dog skills for everyday life. It includes, command discrimination, response to commands off leash, control and distance obedience training. The advanced trained dog shows intelligent response to the handler’s voice commands regardless of situation. Advanced trained dogs have the ability to respond to their handler’s demands for duration of 45 minutes and possibly more.

There are 4 trained dog skill levels in this program: foundation, level 1, level 2 and level 3. The training exercises are the same for all levels of skill. The degree of difficulty exceeds with each level achieved. To see the difference in trained levels please visit and click on trained dog levels.

Excelon Obedient Family Dog Training Program EOB 

EOB F, Excelon obedient dog foundation, EOB 1, Excelon obedient dog level 1, EOB 2, Excelon obedient dog 2, EOB 3, Excelon obedient dog 3. Puppy training is the same as adult dog target training exercises, but at a puppy level. The puppy requires continual training until he/she is mature and functionally trained to one of the skill levels.