Dog Training   With Crystal, Ed & Lesli
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Group Dog and Handler Training
We offer a total of 12 group training sessions each year.  The location for group training floats Mason and Thurston County public places and parks.  You must reserve your spot in training group.  You may purchase 5 or 12 groups.   

Group training meets every other Friday for a total of 12 group training sessions.  All 12 are priced at $540.  5 session are $225.  The training director is Ed Marshall.  Lesli is assistant trainer and Crystal, trains in the group, but is also assistant trainer.

We offer 3 long term training programs:

Excelon Family Pet Obedience
Excelon Practical Protection
NARA French Ringsport

The group covers the following training profiles:  obedience, public access, socialization and protection.   You must reserve your spot for training.  Specific dates are then reserved for you to train your dog with us. 

When: every other Friday

Where: Thurston and Mason County parks and public places

Cost: 5 sessions are $225.  12 sessions are $540.

There are a total of 12 group training sessions.  No make up days and you must reserve your spot for training.  Text or email Lesli or Crystal.
​Group Dog Training: Obedience - Socialization - Protection - French Ringsport 
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