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Protection Dog Decoy Training

With Excleon Protection Dog Club Director of Decoys Ed Marshall

You can learn how to train dogs as the decoy. This skilled level of training is required part of training a practical protection dog for home, personal, family protection or self defense . You can choose to train the full decoy training program which is acquiring skills to work dogs at foundation through level 3 practical protection dog training.  This includes bringing up a puppy to be a trained dog of defense.

Dog selection.
Decoy skill set.
Drive channeling, manipulation and training exercises to function.
Grip building.
Obedience during protection.
Control work during protection.
How to work with the team: yourself, the dog and the handler of the dog.
Lifestyle application.

All of your training is hands on, live in person and does include discussion and theories for gaining controlled full trained practical protection dogs. Your skill set is a valuable asset to the full training program for obedience and protection trained dogs with us.

You can train private sessions and group session to hone in your skills. The full program is a combination of all sessions. You will work one on one with Ed and dogs. To be a good training decoy you need to meet the basic requirements below and get in endless sessions of practice.  

Basic Personal Decoy Requirements:

Own transportation
A cell phone with text
Reasonable physical fitness and condition
Available to train on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Ability to schedule and keep one.
Understanding of learning theory.
Understanding of dog obedience and control training.
Some understanding of temperament and drives is recommended.

How to get started: 

Email Crystal and she will send you the Decoy application, so you can fill  it out and email it back to us. Then set up payment plan for the number of decoy training sessions you want. You need to be prepared with your long- and short-term goals as a decoy for your first day of training with us.

Full protection dog training decoy costs: 

You must buy your own decoy training equipment. We will allow you to borrow ours for the first 8 sessions. It is part of being a decoy to have your own good training equipment and know how to use it. Average cost is $3,000.00 for decoy basic training equipment. You have time to purchase over time. We have list of providers for you.  

54 weeks of private & combination decoy training sessions. $6,500.00. Payments accepted.  

Other choices budget based:

27 weeks, private decoy training sessions. $3,400.00.

12 weeks, private decoy training sessions. $1,500.00.

The average able-bodied person with a good understanding of protection dog training needs all 54 weeks of training and then must maintain their skills, fitness and training for life. If you don’t maintain yourself you will become sloppy and not suitable as a skilled decoy for protection dog training.  We suggest joining our club and group for your maintenance yearly.

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