Dog Training   With Crystal, Ed & Lesli
Text Lesli at:  360-701-3275

Private Dog and Handler Training Sessions
When: on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.   By reservation, no drop ins.  

Time: your private session is 2 hours in time, we will discuss with you exact dates and times that work on a given day.

Where: Choose one:
  • Excelon Protection Dog Club training field: 8626 Joyce Ct SE, Yelm (Lesli's house).
  • Excelon Kennels, outside Shelton private residence (Ed & Crystal's house).

Price:    sold in packages, correct training is long term: 
  • a package 4 private sessions is the minimum $500
  • 12 privates are $1650
  • 24 privates are $3200
  • A single session private or consultation is $160 plus card fees.

The trainers are: Lesli and Ed.  Crystal as needed.​

What is trained: Obedience, socialization, protection, problem solving as part of one of our training programs.  Take a look at the full training programs and target training exercises.
In Home Private Training Sessions
Where: at your house           When: scheduled date and time we agree upon.

Price: same as above plus mileage.   

Custom training: In addition to the training levels and target program exercises, individual dogs are trained in other obedience and protection exercises that specifically suit you.  

Custom training exercises we train, but are not limited too: 

  • will defend you when wearing a muzzle
  • will guard / secure an object or enclosed area
  • search your house for an intruder and alert bark, or return to you if he has found no one
  • dog will defend you on his own, should you become unconscious or in capable of commanding

  • Any obedience exercises, not listed as part of our core programs for everyday life
  • Retrieve items upon command

  • Manners: sit for petting, down for petting, stay in a designated place in the home
  • dog is trained to potty in a designated area outside, separate from where kids play or socialize​
  • Leave specific every day items alone in the home

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