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Seminar List
3 Part Seminar Series with Trainer Ed Marshall
Fundamentals of Play 1 | Secrets to Good Obedience | Fundamentals of Play 2

Fundamentals of Play 1

Begin fundamentals of play with your dog to gain results and skills desired for Practical Protection Dogs. This training technique builds a calm, social dog that is willing to work for you. 

Begin to teach your dog desired behavior
Build both physical and mental skills for protection
Build upon your obedience with correct play 

You will learn verbal and non-verbal cues so you can communicate with your dog at a basic level. 

This will allow you to move on to play training fundamentals 2, increasing intensity of play and focus building to trial level.

Secrets to Good Obedience

Family protection dogs are required to respond to cues given by their handler. Learn how to positively stimulate your dogs desire to interact with you through a set of rules in our daily play.  

Everything the dog values comes from you. Begin total resource management, obedience, play engagement and creating a set of rules. All dogs that like to play enjoy this level of interaction from you.  

We should always be working on building a strong relationship with our dog. 

Building trust through structured play is number one for gaining clarity in all dogs. 

Fundamental of Play 2

Begin the second part of fundamentals of play with your dog. Prerequisites: completion of both fundamentals 1 and secrets to good obedience. You now have verbal & nonverbal cues present.

Begin targeting
Build upon existing physical and mental skills for function
Build upon your obedience with correct play 
Increase intensity, focus and duration

You will now begin building intensity, focus and duration during structured play. This level of k9 interaction begins satisfying a dog’s biological needs and drives when done correctly and completely. Which allows you to begin functioning training exercises for both obedience and practical protection with your dog.

​Seminar Fee for all 3 - $360 for club members. Non members $420.
The Play Training Series is required to be completed by our club members.  Play training seminars are open to non members too. Play training is suitable for all dogs over the age of 16 weeks.  We offer training spots and non training spots (handler only-audit).  If you want an audit spot please contact us for pricing.  Otherwise seminars are priced as follows.  Each seminar is $120 for members and $140 for non members. Registration is required. All seminars are at Excelon Protection Dog Club field, in Yelm.

Canine Good Citizen (AKC)

Testing, training and evaluator is Crystal LeJeune

Yearly Test Date 1:
2022 registration open.
​Test cost $30

8626 Joyce CT SE
Yelm, WA 98597
Yearly Test Date 2:
2022 registration open.
​Test cost $30

8626 Joyce CT SE
Yelm, WA 98597
2 Day CGC Training Seminar $220

Covers all 10 test exercises.  Dog must pass all 10 to be awarded CGC title.  For mixed breeds and purebreds.  You must preregister for each test and the the seminar.  These are held yearly.  On specific dates.  
For more information on CGC please visit Crystal's website.

Seminar Registration Forms

Email us.  Seminars are hold until COVID 19 restriction are lifted.  

We offer private sessions during this time covering the seminar curriculum.