Dog Training   With Crystal, Ed & Lesli
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Dog Training with Crystal, Ed and Lesli FAQ's

I want to join your training club or group; do I have to train my dog in protection?

No, we do not require you to train the protection profile.  Be sure to tell us you want to train obedience and socialization only when you message us.  If you omit protection this automatically places you in the Family Pet Dog Training Program offered by Excelon trainers Crystal, Ed and Lesli.  The target training exercises are the same for the obedience and socialization, just omit the protection profile.

My dog is trained from elsewhere, can I train in your Practical Protection Program?

Yes, dogs trained in personal protection from elsewhere are welcome.  How we are different than all other personal protection dog training program is we expect your dog to have off leash obedience and control no matter what the situation is.  The full training program and target training exercises are posted for you to look at any time on this website.

My dog is Schutzhund trained, can I train Practical Protection?

Yes, you can dual train your dog.  The nature of Schutzhund has similarities to our program, but is NOT the same.  Schutzhund is a sport and offers performance skill set for your dog.  Practical protection offers everyday life skills and the control required for your dog to be with you during social activities where you feel you might need protection. You and your dog must meet the expectations outlined in our program. The minimum standard for Practical Protection are posted on this website under Practical Protection.

Do you guys train with puppies?

Yes!  Puppies 16 weeks and older are eligible to begin privates, club and / or group training with us. Puppy training is the same target training exercises as adults, but at a puppy level.  Puppies require continual training until mature.  
Once they are mature they require adult dog training.  
Training a pup to maturity, is the longest training timeline. We train from start to finish with pups in obedience and protection through play.

Do you require an evaluation of my dog to start training?

No, we do not require an evaluation of your dog before we begin.  You are your dog's trainer.  You have chosen your dog for yourself to train.  We require you to complete 12 week foundation training, building off leash obedience and control.  No experience is required.  We will teach you!!

    Practical Protection Dog Training, does require your dog to be naturally protective and have the ability to train in off leash obedience and control for every day life.  This training is not for all dogs.  If you are unsure, that your dog has the right temperament please request an evaluation.

    We believe all dogs and their people benefit from obedience and socialization for every day life offered in our Family Pet Dog Training Program.   If you would like an evaluation of your dog's temperament and drives please request one.  We offer consulting and evaluations of your dog for a fee that is separate from your training program.

How do I get started training with you guys?

Please contact Crystal or Lesli. See our contact us page.  You must reserve your spot for training with us. You will tell us what training you want. We will email you your invoice to reserve your spot.  Then your start date is set and you will begin training.  Be sure to read our policy posted on this website for you to read at anytime.

What training equipment do I need?

Training equipment is personal to the trainer, handler and the dog.  We have posted what we require and what we suggest you will need eventually.  Please do not buy everything on the list at once.  We will help you choose and learn how to use the right tools for your dog, so you get the results you want.

Do you do private consulting and problem solving?

Yes !  We specialize in problem solving in every day life, training and other behavior issues you might be experiencing with your dog.  Advising, litter testing, dog selection and more is purchases separately from regular training.  You will schedule private sessions or in home training with one of us who is available to help you.  Please understand that behavior modification and regular training can be done together, but your timeline may be longer than what is suggested on our site.   On our site, we are talking about training average dogs with no training experience that don't have temperament behavior issues.
​FAQ's About Training Practical Protection and French Ring Sport With Us