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People Training Is What We Do
People Training

We train people to train their own dogs in obedience and practical protection.  Our training program is complete coverage from start to finish.  Your ongoing training is live and in person with us from start to finish. You will train at your own pace.  Our training program is geared for building total off leash obedience and control regardless of the situation.  

What Is Expected

You are your dog’s trainer.  You will be hands on training with your dog at your session. You will complete your training exercises daily at home with your dog.  Meet with us as scheduled.   Training is to build a relationship upon  structure. Your dog’s training is long term. For this reason, we offer affordable people training groups and one on one private sessions. 

What You Will Be Training

Please take a look at both of our long-term dog training programs.  All of the target training exercises are posted on our website for you to look at any time.  Our training director is available during club and group for assistance and questions about the training exercises. The nature of dog training requires you to be self-motivated and well disciplined.  The training profiles are obedience, socialization, protection, control work and off leash training.  

Good Training: Long Term

As mentioned on this website training is a long-term relationship with your dog. The build up training program for you and your dog is 48 consecutive weeks.  Once you reach your goals you can expect to maintain your training.   Yearly on going training for you is available in group  training.  Personal and custom training is available privately and in home.   All your training is hands on, in person and live. There are 4 levels of trained skill. Everyone starts with foundation training in obedience, socialization and control work.  

For those of you who are training Family Pet Training or Practical Protection Training we expect you to read our general outlook and target training exercises that are posted and will be  emailed to you so you become familiar with our standard training exercises.  We know what they and will help you train your dog to perform them correctly.  

Trained People and Dogs

Trained people need to maintain their training. We welcome all levels of skill.  From first time dog owner to experienced trainers.   We believe that if everyone trained their dogs; their would be no overcrowded shelters or senseless deaths. We know that people need to build up their training and maintain it. We offer a place for you to get the training results you want.  

2 Long term Training Programs:

Excelon Practical Protection 
for everyday life

 Family Pet Dog Training Program for everyday life

  • For people who love their dog
  • For puppies to learn how you want them to behave
  • For everyday life obedience & control
  • For practical protection & self defense
Start to Finish Training