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General Outlook 
Excelon Practical Protection Dog Training Program

The full off leash training program is designed to determine that the handler can control his/her dog in both everyday life and perceived threats. All parties involved with dog such as: handler/owner/trainer/family members agree to adopt the minimum performance standards outlined in this document for family protection dogs. The required target training exercises determine general behavior standards per level of trained skill. There are 4 levels required to achieve full off leash reliability and proficiency with a dog in obedience and protection for practical everyday life use.  

The nature of the training is for naturally protective dogs that can obey and protect an individual person for self-defense. The required target training exercises determine reliability and proficiency per level; a fully trained dog is considered to have achieved level 3 which is a required timeline of at least 48 consecutive weeks of hands on training the target training exercises outlined by Excelon. At this level the dog team have proven reliability and are clearly proficient in each of the target training exercises. 

Off leash dog training is progressive and for this reason 4 levels of trained skill achievement have been assigned: foundation, level 1, level 2, level 3. The rules of progression are to start at foundation training level and move up to 1 then, 2 then 3. This training is for both people and their dogs, referred to as a team. If one member of the team changes, a new team exists; and the new team must complete the training levels together.  

Dog training is long term, progressive and must be maintained by the dog owner/handler/trainer team for life. At any time during the long-term training of a team, Excelon Dog Trainers may discontinue the hands on or ongoing training based upon a perceived safety concern. Every dog owner is responsible for any damage done by his/her dog to persons, property or other animals. 

This document contains the minimum performance standard training set by Excelon Dog Trainers for family protection dogs. This program is not designed to cover every possible scenario or lifestyle. The program is designed to cover the proficiency of a family protection dog and handler team in obedience, manners and socialization. Teams must be proficient in obedience and control of dog at all times. The dog and handler must abide by state and county law regarding self defense, animal containment and property.